Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop

We are a Danish non-profit foundation that work with sexual education in Colombia. We believe that information is the main source to reach a Colombia with less teen pregnancies and sexual myths and more awareness about STIs and sexual rights.

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“… you definetely change the lives of young Colombians who through your work see and realize that sexuality is something very human, and at the same time something that requires a lot of responsability” Liliana Hoyos, former principal – Francisco José de Caldas Calicanto, Popayán

We work directly with local schools and organizations in and around Cali and Popayán in the South West of Colombia. We have worked with and continue cooperating with:


  • INEM Jorge Isaacs, Cali
  • Instituto Técnico Industrial 20 de Julio, Cali
  • Gabriela Mistral, Popayán
  • Colegio John F. Kennedy, Popayán
  • Centro Pedagógico Creativo del Cauca, Popayán
  • Liceo Cañaveral de Occidente, Cali
  • Cristo Rey, Popayán
  • Colegio Nuestra Señora de Gracia, Cali
  • Fundación AlasCinco, Cazucá, Soacha
  • Institución Educativa Agropecuaria de Parraga, Rosas
  • Institución Educativa Loma Bajo, Rosas
  • Institución Educativa Palo Grande Bajo, La Sierra
  • Institucion educativa ala kures piscitau, Piendamó
  • San Francisco Javier, Cali


  • INEM Jorge Isaacs, Cali
  • Francisco José de Caldas Calicanto, Popayán
  • IMDERCAN, Candelaria
  • Colegio Ciudad de Candelaria, Candelaria
  • Exploradores del Futuro, Poblado Campestre
  • Colegio Bejamín Franklin, Poblado Campestre

You can also read our printable information folder in English or Danish.