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Would you like inspiration for your Spanish students? Or maybe you think this would be interesting for another class you give? Then now is your opportunity!

Salka will be in Denmark and available for presentations from the 1st of July to 9th of September 2019.

The presentation will focus on Colombia, give an introduction to Colombia as country, the culture, social situation and of course focus on our work and why we do it. It can easily be combined with a learning process that includes Latin America and/or Colombia.

If you have any specific topics that you would like to include in the workshop, you can mention it in the contact form below, and we will let you know if it is possible.

What is the price?

The presentations will be donation based. We work as volunteers, but the project in Colombia generates expenses for it to be able to run. Therefore the donation received will go directly to the work we do in Colombia. For more information, contact us in the form below.

How to get more information?

Experiences with our workshops

Since 2017, students and teachers at Helsingør Gymnasium have had the privilege of annual visits from Salka who has successfully caught the interest of our 2nd year students of Spanish with her talks on her valuable work on sexual education in Colombia. With her unwavering commitment she sparks the students’ interest, and even long after her talk, they still remember the topic. Salka knows what she is talking about and has talked for up to 90 minutes without a manuscript. She interacts freely and openly with her audience. At Helsingør we hope that she’ll keep on with her valuable talks for our students, and we can only recommend her work strongly.

Eva Høeg, Spanish teacher at Helsingør Gymnasium

Salka visited Svendborg Gymnasium in December 2018. We had invited Salka to talk about Colombia in generel and about her project Mi Cuerpo/ Min Krop. Beforehand, we had worked with Colombia as a theme in the Spanish lessons in order to know more about the country. Salka’s presentation was very interesting and gave the students a view on Colombia that differed from the prejudiced conception that texts and television normally provide. They now have a deeper, wider and better understanding of what type of country Colombia also is. And last but not least: they really liked Salka’s hair and style in generel, as it is different from what they normally see at our school…I don’t think they will forget about her for a long time.

Charlotte Christensen, Spanish teacher at Svendborg Gymnasium