Students writing article about me

Let me present to you the two students on the picture, Martha Tatiana and Juan Pablo from the group 11-21. They came looking for me at the school, and told me that they were very inspired by me and the work that I do. Therefore, when they were assigned a free topic to write about for the school newspaper, it occurred to them to write about their experience in the workshop. This is the article (translated from Spanish):


The teacher Salka cares about giving sexual education to the youngsters at INEM “Jorge Isaacs” Cali.

Our class was unexpectedly assigned a sexual education class with Salka, a young 26 year old Danish girl with a very fluent and young attitude and way of expressing herself. In the group 11-21, there are many who have worries or still don’t have a lot of expirience regarding the subject, either because of shyness or discomfort. We enjoyed the class with Salka. It was  fun and positive and also the first sexual education class we have ever received as a group.

It was admirable the way she presented the subject, also considering that it was a taboo for many of us. She did not lack information and she seemed comfortable talking to us about the subject. She resolved many of our doubts and in the end many of the more shy students also participated which helped us as a group to get to know each other more. 

That is why we want to thank Salka and her foundation Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop for dedicating her time to us, teaching us and making this experience a great one.


Puede leer el artículo original en español acá

Group 11-21 from INEM Jorge Isaacs. I enjoyed their company for a workshop on Monday 20 of November 2017.

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Project progressing at INEM

Working at INEM Jorge Isaacs

After 2 months doing workshops at INEM, what is the status?

35 workshops and 1035 students participating. Jep, it is a lot. I have been working a lot and now all 9th and 10th graders have participated in a workshop. Next up are 11th graders, and I hope to be done with all 11th graders before Christmas break. But here in Colombia many things can happen, and you can never plan, as they say “don’t plan because the plans always change anyways”. 

Frecuent questions

I modify the workshop continously to make it as precise as possible for the questions and doubts that I find common with the students. Here are some of the more frecuent quetions they ask me:

Does a woman’s body change after her first time? The vast majority of the students are convinced that a woman’s body changes drastically after her first sexual intercourse. Her hips widen, breast will grow and her waist will become more marked. Furthermore, some times the gap between her thighs will also be more notable. Depending on the man’s hand it is more or less notable, with other words, it depends on if he is a good lover or not. Some students have a hard time believing that it is not true, they have been told this forever. I try and spend some time on killing this and other urban myths.  

Is anal sex bad? Many students are very interested in anal sex. Sex in general is a huge taboo, and anal sex is even more, especially if it is between two men. Therefore, many of the students ask if it is “bad”. We spend some time talking about what is important to remember if you want to practice anal sex. It is also important to emphasize that anal sex is not “bad”, some people like it, others don’t.

Does precum get a woman pregnant? It seem that many youngsters in Colombia practise rejected sexual intercourse, at least it is something many of them aske me about. We spend some time talking about why it is not the most secure method. Talking about all the different methods seems to make many of them realize that other metods than rejected intercourse are actually better alternatives than what they inicially thought. Several times I have heard students say “Oh, they are actually quite safe”. 

Presentation at Helsingør Gymnasium

What can you use Spanish to?

On the 21st of August Salka went back to the high school where she graduated from in 2010. At Helsingør Gymnasium she made a presentation for the 2nd year Spanish students. The idea was to show the students how important Spanish is, and where it is useful. We talked about Latinamerica, traveling in Latinamerica, studying Spanish at university and of course Salka’s work with Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop.

One week working in Popayán

The teachers are striking in Cali. Therefore, I went to Popayán to have meetings with two schools to discuss working together next year. I made an agreement with INEM Popayán, where I am going to work next year. I also met with a small school, Francisco José de Caldas Calicanto. Since there are few students at this school, we decided to use this time that I cannot work at the school in Cali. I stayed the week to work with the 8th to 11th graders.

Working at Francisco José de Caldas Calicanto

At the school I had the pleasure to work with some really great students. It was a bit of a different experience to work at a small school after being at INEM Cali that has more than 2000 students.
Many of the students at the school are from families who have had to come to Popayán because of the internal conflict in Colombia. For different reasons they have been forced away from the areas where they come from. The neighbourhood that the school is located in is not the most secure either. It was clear that the students are growing up in an environment that at times is rough and has a lot of social problems. The school also has a high rate of teen pregnancies.
The students were generally more shy than what I have been used to at INEM Cali. They did not ask as many questions, but at the same time it was clear that they were curious and wanted to learn as much as possible.
It has been a pleasure to work with the students at Francisco José de Caldas Calicanto, and I wish them all the best !

Starting work at INEM Cali

We have finally started our work in Colombia. I have been doing workshops at INEM Cali, where I have done two workshops per day. To begin with I have been working with 11th graders and I will be working my way through all the classes. The students are very active and ask a lot of questions. It is great to work with students who really appreciate the classes and the chance to learn something new. I am a little surprised about how openly they ask about all sorts of things. I guess I was expecting a little more shyness. 


8.G from Hillerød Vest School

I had the opportunity to do a presentation with the students from 8.G at the Hillerød Vest school before I leave for Colombia. During the presentation I talked with the students about the history of Colombia, differences berween being young in Colombia and Denmark, my travels and experiences in Colombia. To finish I introduced them to Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop and the work I am going to do with the foundation in Cali. They had a lot of interesting questions and comments during the presentation. It only made it more interesting and dynamic the class.

This great experience made me even more anxious to get started with the work in Cali.

Thank you 8.G!