Sexual health education in Colombia

Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop is a Danish non-profit foundation working with sexual health education in Colombia. We give basic sexual education classes with focus on anatomy, birth control, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexual rights. It is basic information that the teenagers can use the rest of their life – we believe that knowing how to protect our bodies from STIs and unintended pregnancies is something everyone should learn.


Because everyone has the right to proper sexual health education.

The latest statistics from 2015 revealed that 17,4 % of the Colombian teenage girls get pregnant before they turn 20. This means that a lot of Colombian girls will have a hard time finishing their education. They will have to find a way to get money for food, clothes, diapers etc. Therefore, the girls will often have to drop out of school. There is simply not enough hours to both work, take care of their child and go to school. Teenage pregnancies occur in all of Colombia, but some areas are more affected than others. Especially poor areas, the country side and in areas with severe social problems suffer. The Colombian government has been focusing more on the problem the last couple of years. Even so, there is still a lot of work to do. Sex and birth control is a big taboo in the Colombian society. The majority of the population is religious, mainly catholic, which means that parents rarely talk to their children about the subject. The most common strategies are turning the blind eye or simply to preach celibacy, but the percentage shows that this has not been the most effective strategy. Reality is that teenagers start having sex earlier and earlier, but without proper knowledge about the consequences of having unsafe sex.

How do we work?

We work in and around Cali and Popayán in the South West of Colombia. We are a team of young teachers that offer free sexual education classes at the local schools and with local organizations. The classes both include traditional class teaching and group exercises to involve the students as much as possible. Generally, the students have a ton of questions that they would like to ask. The workshops have turned out to be a great place for them to clarify their doubts. Many of the students are grateful for the chance to participate in the workshop, and they openly declare that sexual education often has been lacking in their education. 

The situation in Colombia

The country is mostly known for is its guerilla (FARC), drug cartels and the internal conflict. The internal conflict has been ongoing for more than 50 years. The conflict looks like it is finally heading towards the end. The government and FARC signed a peace agreement in 2016 to end the conflict. These are some of the sad facts about Colombia, but the country is so much more than that. It is a beautiful country, with an amazing population. Even if they live with so many different problems, they still manage to see the beautiful aspects in life. They enjoy life and are proud of their culture. It is a people with a lot of joy, they really know how to make one feel welcome. On top of this, they have amazing nature and tasty and varied food culture. With other words, Colombia has a little bit of everything for every taste.

Support the cause


For 27 euros/year you become a member, have the right to participate and help make decisions on our annual general meeting.

One-time donation

If you prefer to do a one-time donation, big or small, it is a big help for us to implement the project, reach more students and amplify topics.