What do we do?

Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop is a Danish non-profit foundation that has been facilitating rights-based and taboo free sexual health education for Colombian teens since 2017. We work closely with local schools in and around Cali and Popayán in the South West of Colombia.


Because everyone has the right to to live an informed sexuality

The latest statistics from 2015 revealed that 17,4 % of the Colombian teenage girls between age 15-19 get pregnant. This means that a lot of Colombian girls will have a hard time finishing their education.

How do we work?

We work in and around Cali and Popayán in the South West of Colombia. We are a team of young teachers that offer programs of sexual health education workshops at the local schools and with local organizations. The classes both include traditional class teaching and group exercises to involve the students as much as possible. We have a sex positive approach and include a wide range of topics. We also create space for the students to ask questions and to debunk urban myths. The workshops have turned out to be a great place for them to clarify their doubts.

Support the cause – Become a member

Our members are our life and the reason we can bring sexual health education to Colombian teens.