Cazucá with Alas Cinco

Some time back I was contacted by Dorthea, a Danish woman who is starting a project here in Colombia called Hogar de Esperanza. She told me that she is currently working together with Foundation Alas Cinco in the tough neighbourhood Cazucá in Soacha (South of Bogotá). She was wondering if I also did workshops in that area of the country, because they were very interested in having me do a workhop. I had to go to Bogotá anyways, so I decided it was a great opportunity to do some work and also get to know the two other projects. I have always been told that networking is a great tool, so this was a good opportunity.

Cazucá is a tough area, since it is an area with a lot of refugees from the long internal conflict. It is a very different population than what I am used to in Cali, since many were originally from the countryside and from a more introvert and conservative culture. It was a new and exciting challange.

Preparing the workshop

To get to know the place, the students, the teachers etc. I went to visit Alas Cinco a day before the workshop and I got to meet the students. We made an excercise so that they could write down questions or themes that they would like to talk about in the workshop. They were very shy, and it took them some time to start writing, but in the end they handed me some great questions to work with for the next day.

Workshop at Alas Cinco

The students were very shy in the beginning of the workshop, but very attentive. It was obvious that they were interested in the subject. With humour and very explicitly talking about the different themes they slowly opened up. They even asked some questions in the end. We managed to work anatomy, changes when being a teenager, birth control, myths and STIs. Our two hours passed super fast, and before we could see to it we were done for the day. It was an amazing experience to work with these students, and I really hope we can do something similar again some time.

Visual explanation

They asked me what oral sex is, and this is my brief explanation:

They were very thankful and I got many hugs and amazing smiles. This is why I love this work!

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