Creative weekend

For some time we have talked about having a creative weekend to get some things done. We have all been very busy with the workshops and a million other things have been going on, but finally we had some time to have our creative weekend.

Stamping t-shirts

First of all we wanted to stamp t-shirts with our logo. This was a long, but interesting process to participate in. Nori’s boyfriend, Juan Carlos, knows how to stamp t-shirts so he helped us out. First step was to make the stamp template:

After exposing the frame in light for 4 minutes and cleaning the frame we had to wait to make sure the frame was dry, but this is how it looked:

Next day we could start stamping the t-shirts. After a couple of tries on old t-shirts Nori had the honor of stamping the first real one:

Promotion video

We also managed to make a video with help from Iván who is studying History at Universidad del Cauca. He is great with audiovisuals and also uses it in his studies. He was a great help for us. The exact theme of the video will remain a secret for a little bit longer, but we can reveal that it includes our favorite book “The Wonder Down Under”. Here you can see some pictures from our creative process:

Soon you will be able to see the video both on our Facebook page and here on the site, stay tuned.

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