Handing out the first book in Popayán

Presenting “The Wonder Down Under” at Gabriela Mistral

We have been doing a campaign to hand out the book “The Wonder Down Under” (El libro de la vagina) at the schools where we do our workshops. We have received the first couple of books to hand out. Monday 10th of September we went to Gabriela Mistral in Popayán to introduce the students to the iniciative, and let them know that they could now find the book in their library. 

We had 10 minutes during the weekly reunion were all the students from 6th to 11th grade were all gathered. The coordinator, Liliana, presented us, thanked us for the work we have been doing with the students. Nori presented the book and the students were very attentive.We are even lucky that the book will be part of the reading circle that the school has initiated as an incentive for the students to read more. 

Hopefully the students will use it, laugh with it and enjoy it as much as we have. We will stay in touch with Liliana to see how much it has actually been used. 

Work  weekend 

The weekend was spent working with Nori, preparing ourselves for the second round of workshops, finishing the video about our work (which will be out soon) and working on organising within the foundation. 

Conference in Mexico

We are planning to go to the AMSSAC Sexuality and Gender conference at University of Querétaro. There are many relevant workshops and topics we want to participate in. And during the weekend in Popayán we also found out that the weekend after AMSSAC there will be another conference with Mujeres Rizomáticas.

Stay tuned, we have a lot of interesting news coming up!

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