Students writing article about me

Let me present to you the two students on the picture, Martha Tatiana and Juan Pablo from the group 11-21. They came looking for me at the school, and told me that they were very inspired by me and the work that I do. Therefore, when they were assigned a free topic to write about for the school newspaper, it occurred to them to write about their experience in the workshop. This is the article (translated from Spanish):


The teacher Salka cares about giving sexual education to the youngsters at INEM “Jorge Isaacs” Cali.

Our class was unexpectedly assigned a sexual education class with Salka, a young 26 year old Danish girl with a very fluent and young attitude and way of expressing herself. In the group 11-21, there are many who have worries or still don’t have a lot of expirience regarding the subject, either because of shyness or discomfort. We enjoyed the class with Salka. It was  fun and positive and also the first sexual education class we have ever received as a group.

It was admirable the way she presented the subject, also considering that it was a taboo for many of us. She did not lack information and she seemed comfortable talking to us about the subject. She resolved many of our doubts and in the end many of the more shy students also participated which helped us as a group to get to know each other more. 

That is why we want to thank Salka and her foundation Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop for dedicating her time to us, teaching us and making this experience a great one.


Group 11-21 from INEM Jorge Isaacs. I enjoyed their company for a workshop on Monday 20 of November 2017.

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