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Thanks to our loyal members and donors, we can work every day to facilitate rights-based and taboo free sexual health education for Colombian teens.

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Facilitating workshops asynchronously during covid has been a success. You can help us bring workshops to students in Cali and Popayán.

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Fanzines are informative magazines with text and drawings to invite a young audience to read. They are used both by students and teachers.

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Your donation enables us to continue fighting for better sexual health education for Colombian teens every day.

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A monthly educational Themed Week on social media with topics related to sexual health for our follower is an important way to work during covid.

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Our members are the life of the organization and the reason we can make a difference in the sexual health education for teens in Colombia.

Fanzine + Themed Week

The fanzine and a themed week on social media are a great combination to reach a wider range of young Colombians.

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