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The community highlight our work and the impact of the workshops

We started our collaboration at La Meseta located in the rural area of Cajibío, Cauca, Colombia in 2022. When Lucely returned this year, she noted that compared to last year there were new students in all courses. The personnel at the school told her that the community talks a lot about our interventions on sexual health education in the school, which has made more families and caregivers come to La Meseta with their kids.

As an organization it is very valuable that they highlight our work and the impact of the interventions; and that the community notices that talking about sexuality generates a positive impact on students and secondarily the community as a whole. It was also mentioned to us that the the families have asked to also be able to participate in activities to learn about sexuality. Of course this goes hand in hand with the great work done by the teaching staff, together with the psychologist and the principal to make the school attractive to the community.

We hope to return to the school in the near future and if possible talk to families about sexuality.

The first week of July 2023, Lucely returned to the school to give workshops from our Responsible Sexuality program to students from fourth grade of elementary school to eleventh grade of high school. In total there were 14 workshops in which they talked about body changes and hygiene, birth control, menstruation, STIs, consent and sexual diversity. It is noteworthy that many students remembered the topics covered in 2022 and therefore, participation was higher.

We are of course eager to continue the collaboration and process with La Meseta and the community surrounding the school.


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