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Festival Mujeres Rizomáticas

Two days of Mujeres Rizomáticas

Thursday and Friday, we participated in a local festival organized by women, who all work with different topics that have to do with women. The festival had an interesting program with many different workshops. It was a great way to connect with local women and get to know some of the topics that really concern them in the Mexican context. Some things very similar to what we see in Colombia, other things quite different.

One of the workshops that we participated in was about using sanitary towels made from cloth, we even got to make our own.

Closing ceremony

On Friday, we ended the day with a closing ceremony, since a lot of us could not join Saturday. It was a nice way to talk about what we had been discussing, learning and planning to keep working on together. We met a lot of amazing women and we truly admire the work that they all do!

It was around Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) so there was an altar to remember our loved once during the whole festival, a very beautiful tradition.


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