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Finishing Teacher workshops in Popayán

During the month of July, I, Nori, was doing the teacher training workshops with the school “Gabriela Mistral”, one of the first schools where we started working with students in Popayán. We appreciate them greatly, because they always opened their doors to us and with the teacher training project, this was no different. From the first workshop with the group of teachers, there was a great interest and active participation, which made all the workshops more enjoyable to me. During the sessions, the teachers’ participation and comments were constant and enriching. Several ideas on how to implement the content emerged, and discussions about their concerns regarding the application of sexual health education in their school were shared. Not to say the least, the four workshops were enjoyed to the fullest.

At the end of the fourth workshop, the group was very grateful and eager to continue with the next steps of the training, and very interested in receiving more material for the work with their students.

With these four workshops at Gabriela Mistral, I finish this stage of the project with the schools in Popayán, which leaves me with many lessons learned and a desire to continue with the next stages of the project in which teachers will design and implement sexual health education classes based on what they have learned.

Lu, our newest team member in Popayán, has observed the last workshops in Popayán and shares: Observing the workshops closely allowed me to learn about the problems that young people face in the educational institutions and led me to reflect on the urgent need to continue the work on well-informed sexual education. Likewise, these workshops have encouraged me to continue preparing myself academically to provide the tools that this population needs. Observing well-prepared workshops and with such accurate examples, encourages me to inquire more about the field and to ask myself the most appropriate way for teachers to stimulate the students’ own curiosity, motivating them to want to learn about how to live in a more fulfilling and responsible way.


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