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Mexican team visits Colombia

Three team members from the Mexican organization flew out to Colombia where they visited Popayán and Cali, cities where the Colombian partner has facilitated workshops since 2017.

During the two-week visit, several activities took place such as: get-to-know-you activities, team building activities, review of workshop material and activities, future plans for social media, personal opportunities for growth, observations of workshops held by a member of the Colombian team, followed by feedback, and sharing of experiences with students and teachers during workshops in Mexico and Colombia, and changes to ways of monitoring and evaluating the workshops.

It was an incredibly enriching experience and both organizations were able to learn much from each other to strengthen each organization, as well as create a much stronger, more personal relationship between all members. Not only was vital information shared to better the work done in each organization, but stories and experiences as well.

This first trip has been an unforgettable experience and Colombian team can't wait to visit Mexico next year to learn from their ways and context.

The trip is part of our project "S&RHR education in Colombia and Mexico" that runs between April 2023 and August 2024 and has received funding from


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