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Positive Feedback from Teacher Training Program

When working on the creation of the teacher training program, we saw the need to have an independent space where we could invite teachers from different schools and municipalities outside of the big city and from rural areas too. These schools do not always have accessibility, neither students nor teachers, to workshops, talks or training spaces.

We contacted a couple of schools with whom we worked in the past in rural areas and other contacts that we knew would be interested in the training, and they were very enthusiastic about the opportunity from the beginning. Due to the pandemic, we had to conduct the activities virtually, which was a great advantage because it solved the problem of accessibility, allowing teachers from other municipalities to join. Even some teachers from an indigenous school who are part of a self-education program signed up.

Nine teachers signed up, but on the first day even more joined and in total the group reached 16 teachers, luckily we had an extra margin and everyone could join. During the four days of workshops the group participated very actively, presenting doubts and also some experiences and advice for the rest of the teachers. It was truly an uplifting and inspiring experience. They have continued to contact us for more support material for the creation of their own material - which is the final phase to finish the program. This indicates that there is a great interest in the topic.

A few days ago, they started their vacation, but they expressed excitement about returning to class and implementing what they learned in the workshops.


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