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Workshops in collaboration

We have started a collaboration with AlasCinco, who we did a single workshop with back in May 2018. We will be doing a program of 6 virtual workshops over 6 months with the group Generation AlasCinco.

First workshop

Saturday 17th of October, Nori and Salka did the first workshop with the group of youngster.

During the two hours, "what is sexuality?" was the focus, and the participants reflected on what sexuality is for each of the participants. They had space to talk in smaller groups about what is important to them and created some amazing drawings for their final product - they will each create a fanzine.

From what each of the participants explained about their view on sexuality, Nori created a text to reflect what had been talked about. You can read it here.

Next 5 workshops

The participants expressed what was important to include in the program, and this will be taken into account planning the next 5 workshops. We are looking very much forward to the upcoming workshops and the continuing process with the group from AlasCinco.


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