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Workshops with Teater Vølven

We were contacted a little while back by Josefine from the Scandinavian theater group Teater Vølven. She is currently in Colombia doing a semester in Bogotá and she had heard about our work and suggested a collaboration between the two organizations.

Workshops in Cali and Popayán

We arranged workshops with 2 partner schools, one in Popayán and one in Cali. There turned out to be quite some interest and after talking to some friends, we decided to do two workshops outside of schools as well.

Teater Vølven has developed the workshop "Letter to my vulva" as a way to connect with our bodies and take some taboo away from the vulva and our reproductive organs. The workshop has different parts that all help connect with your body and guide you towards writing the personal letter to your vulva.

Letter to my vulva

We offered the workshops at the schools, but it was voluntary to participate. In Popayán we had 3 girls participate (they had the day off so it was really positive that some had the possibility to come anyways). In Cali we did two workshops at the school and a total of 28 girls participated.

It was a lot of fun. The theater exersices in the beginning really helped with the nerves for some of the girls, and we all laughed a lot. The following meditation was interesting, we are sure most of them have never experienced anything like this. And finally the writing of the personal letter.

How did they react?

The girls at the schools were very receptive. It was great to see how relaxed they were, and it was obvious that a lot of them really started reflecting about their bodies. This is the beginning of a life long journey of understanding your body and the importance of the different parts of it. We are happy that this workshop could be a part of the journey both for us and some of our students.

Special thanks

It has been a pleasure to work with Josefine from Teater Vølven. Her positive energy inspired everyone around her in her workshops. We are looking forward to future colaborations between the two projects.

Also a huge thank you to Emma Franco and Pinemma café for opening the space for us and the workshop, we very much appreaciate the opportunity to work with you too.


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