Who are we?

Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop

Salka Wollesen Breum

Our main teacher in Colombia and also one of the foundation’s founders is 26 year old Salka. She has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Culture from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 2011, she has traveled a lot in Latin America, and she quickly fell in  love with Colombia. Here she has been traveling from north to south and also studied a semester at Universidad del Cauca in Popayán. Since her first visit in Colombia, it has affected her quite a lot whenever she saw young pregnant girls. Therefore, she has wanted to help prevent the problem for some time. Now the dream is becoming reality with the work she is doing with Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop.


Leonor Elizondo Chavero

Nori is 23 years old and from Mexico. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Human Development from Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro. During her studies she spent a semester in Popayán where she and Salka became friends. She has a lot of passion when it comes to gender and female empowerment, and has had an interest in this project since the beginning. In Mexico she has been teaching several workshops, also including topics within sexual education. She is now working with us in Popayán, Colombia.

Charlotte Lozada

Charlotte is 21 years old and is from France. She is in Cali for a one-year student exchange for her political science studies. She has experience in volunteering focused on social issues such as the protection of women’s rights in sexual slavery, workshops in prisons and proximity to marginalized migrant populations. Charlotte will focus on giving sexual education workshops with the foundation during her exchange year in Cali.

Administrative volunteers:

Maria Camila Hernández Ceballos

Maria Camila is 24 years old and from Cali, Colombia. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the Uniersity Icesi, Cali, where she is currently doing her master in political and social sciences. She has 1 and  half years experience as a teacher at the university, and during this time she has found interest in themes like gender, feminism, political representation and women’s rights. María Camila met Salka in the Ella conference that was held in Cali in December 2017. That is how she got familiar with the work Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop is doing in the city.  She finds that sexual education for the teenagers in Cali is very important, and talking about sex will help take some of the taboo away and will enable the teenagers to have a responsable and informed sexuality.

Monica Scroggs

Monica Scroggs, a 21- year old Venezuelan/American exchange student in Cali, Colombia, delights in serving as one of the newest members of the Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop volunteer team. Monica will complete her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Latin American Studies next semester at Rhodes college in Memphis, Tennessee. During her time in Colombia, Monica will combine her passion for helping others and discovering Latin American culture to contribute to this organization’s mission by providing work in statistics and administrative assistance.