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We provide dynamic workshops created to boost learning, free online informational material, online material created for students that is easy to understand and with teachers in mind, and an online community with open communication.

Why we do it?

In Colombia and Mexico, gender inequality and gender-based violence are major concerns. Teaching about topics such as consent, menstruation, and gender stereotypes, as well as discussing sexual and reproductive health rights, helps in the battle against gender inequality and violence.


 Teenage girls in Colombia

1 of every 5

fall pregnant

between the ages of

15 to 19


fall pregnant again

7-14 months

after their first child


fall pregnant again

14-24 months

after their first child

What do we do?

Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop is a Danish non-profit organization that facilitates rights-based and taboo free sexual health education programs in close partnership with our local partner, since 2017, working directly with teenagers and teachers at partner schools in and around Cali and Popayán, Colombia and in Querétaro, Mexico. We also donate books and facilitate material related to sexual and reproductive health to schools in order for them to brush up on, or further their knowledge on the subject.

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 Teenage girls in Mexico

17 out of every 
100 births
come from teenage

In 2019

an average rate of

13.7 births 

per 1000 women from 15 to 19 years old
was registered

In 2021

a total of

223,978 cases

of domestic violence were reported

How do we work?

We are a team of young teachers that work to facilitate free sexual and reproductive health education workshops at local partner schools and with local organizations in Colombia and Mexico.

We have a sex positive, inclusive approach and include a wide range of topics to expand the knowledge related to sexual and reproductive health education and gender equality.

We implement workshops directly with teenagers, but also train teachers through dynamic class teaching that focuses on group exercises and participative work.

Debunking myths is an important part of the work, therefore, creating a safe space to ask questions is vital to our approach.

Who are we?





We invite you to learn more about the projects we are running and the impact that they are creating for the community




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