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Welcome to Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop

We facilitate rights-based and taboo free sexual health education for Colombian and Mexican teens.


Because everyone deserves to live an informed sexuality.


In Colombia, we did 152 workshops in 2022. 61 groups of students from 9 partner schools in Cali and Popayán.

A total of 1704 students participated in 1-7 workshops depending on needs and availablity.

Make an impact for taboo-free sexual health education and a well informed youth.


We work directly with teenagers at partner schools in and around Cali and Popayán in Colombia, and Querétaro in Mexico.


In 2022, we started working in Querétaro in Mexico.

We did 43 workshops with 18 groups of students at 4 partner schoolsA total of 764 students participated in 1-6 workshops depending on needs and availablity.



We have published two books!
The books are a result of a collaboration with four high school teachers in Denmark. They explore relevant topics that allow for a great introduction to life in Colombia and Mexico, ideal for Spanish class.


Between 2020 and 2022 we facilitated a teacher training program with the participation of teachers from 12 schools from Cali and Popayán. Each school received workshops, informational guides and kits with material to implement sex education with their students.

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Book us

In Denmark, we offer presentations at high schools for students to get a unique look into Colombia as a country, the culture, our work and more.

Thank you for making our work possible

These are the companies who support us 

Sponsor BRS Group
Sponsor Halton
Sponsor C&C Travel
Sponsor Hvacon Marine Systems
Sponsor Gnome and Gardens Organic Landscaping
Sponsor Linderberg Group
Sponsor Fearnleys
Sponsor Knud E. Hansen
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Sponsor C.C. Jensen
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