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Nori started doing workshops

My experience working at the school Gabriela Mistral, the school where I started my work with Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop

Before I started doing the workshops at the school Gabriela Mistral, I had a couple of meetings with the coordinator Liliana to organize the schedule and I met some of the teachers. It is great to work with Liliana, she is very open minded and helpful. She had an event with the girls from the school and she took some time to introduce me and the project to them. Liliana asked the girls to get as much as posible out of the workshops, ask many questions and so on. It is not every day that projects like this come to the school, she said.

After the meeting several students came to say hello and they seemed interested. This

I started the workshops on a Monday with a group of 8th graders, and to be honest, I thought I was going to be very nervous. It was the first workshop that I was going to do all by myself without Salka by my side. Luckily, it was the complete opposite. I felt very secure and excited to begin the process. That day, I left the school very motivated and wanting to keep working.

I worked 4 days, just with the groups in the afternoon, 2 workshops per day. It was very giving, especially since all the groups were very different. Some groups very naughty and with many questions, some groups very noisy, but even so learned a lot.

The oldest from 11th grade were very mature and active in the workshops. I learned a lot from all the groups, I was left with some doubts as well which I looked up afterwards when I came home.

I have learned a lot from these first classes, and the first workshops have left me very motivated, and wanting to keep on working.

This weekend Salka is visiting me in Popayán and we keep working to make the project even better and continue to develop new ideas.


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