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Podcast Mi Cuerpo ConSentido

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

One of the newer projects for 2022, the objective of this intervention is to allow free access to information via a podcast that discusses sexual and reproductive health rights, providing taboo-free sexual and reproductive health rights (S&RHR), as well as debunking common myths related to this topic.

The podcast will provide students and teachers who have participated in activities with us in the past, the possibility to stay informed and allow them access to new information regarding S&RHR. The podcast will also allow for teachers to implement S&RHR themes into their classrooms, by using the podcasts to implement different activities, with or without staff from Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop, meaning many more classrooms will be reached. The activities will also create a connection to the podcast and the content within the episodes, making sure the topics are in line with the needs, questions, and interests of the target groups.

Not only are we able to spread knowledge held within our organization through this podcast, but we will also be able to feature some new voices. Experts, students, teens, or people with unique experiences will be invited to the podcast and interviewed. We will be updating as 2022 progresses.

This project is supported by:

If you would like to listen to our podcast, follow the link below.



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