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Presentation tour around Danish high schools

Our founder Salka has been in Denmark for a few months and worked hard on our information work with Spanish students at local high schools. It is an important branch of our work to inform, not only about Colombia to show a more nuanced view on the country, steering away from stereotypes, but also to inspire the students with knowledge on our work in Colombia.

15 lectures in two and a half weeks

Thanks to our network of Spanish teachers, Salka was invited to several schools and held 15 lectures when the schools opened up after the summer break. Some students were from second year and others from third year Spanish. They participated throughout and showed great interest in the information presented to them. Salka talked about a wide range of topics leading up to why our work with sexual health education in Colombia is so important. The students asked many valuable questions to further understand each point, and afterwards, the teachers have told us that it was a unique opportunity for the students to hear from someone who knows the country so well. This has also given them a profound intercultural understanding which is one of the important goals for the subject during the three years.

Sexual health education workshops in Spanish

With two groups at one high school, the students participated in a workshop about consent in Spanish. The workshop was designed for the students to both understand what consent is, why it is important, solve a case exercise, and all of this in Spanish which of course also gives them a larger vocabulary and the possibility to practice their spoken Spanish. It was an amazing experience!

Possibilities for the future

While Salka is in Colombia, our presentations will be offered virtually, which during the covid lockdown showed good results as well. You can read more about this project here.

Furthermore, we are continuing our project, working on didactic material for Spanish students in our Cisu-supported project in collaboration with 4 Danish high schools.


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