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Presentations at Danish high schools

Around on different high schools

In December and January, Salka went to 4 different high schools in Denmark to talk about Colombia and Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop. The idea with the presentations was to inspire the Spanish students, so they could see a real life example of what Spanish can be used to: Talk about Colombia, the culture, the social situation and of course our work with Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop.

The students were very attentive, had a lot of great questions, and they helped make this experience very positive.

Spanish essay

At Svendborg Gymnasium, one of the groups was asked to write an essay after the presentation where they had to focus on the experience and the knowledge they had achieved. Salka had the pleasure of reading all 25 essays, and it was both fun and impressive to read the student's view on the topic.

Would you like an experience like this?

We offer presentations at Danish high schools, especially drafted for Spanish class, but we are open to other opportunities too. Contact us for more information.


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