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The books are popular

We have received several donations to buy the Spanish version of the book "The Wonder Down Under" to hand out at our partner schools in Colombia. Why? Because we realized that the schools have very little to non-existing material at the libraries about the sex-ed related topics.

We have now handed out books to 9 partner schools in Cali, Popayán and in 2 villages out from Popayán. Some schools have received more than one book, because they have morning and afternoon shifts, and also depending on how many students go to the school.

Using the book

We have received very positive feedback. First of all, several students at all 9 schools have asked to borrow the book, either for reading it in the breaks or to bring it home to read. Generally girls are more interested than boys, but more boys than we first anticipated have borrowed the book or shown interest. Something we find very positive!

The teachers have also found the book to be very useful in their classes. Teachers from two schools in Popayán say that they find the book to be fabolous, with accurate and easy to access information, and on top of that the drawings complement the text in a great way. They have used it both for biology class, but also in litterature class and with student group that focus on gender topics. It has been very useful to start important discussions, they say. After using parts from the book in their classes, they say that they have seen several students head to the library to borrow the book.

Students say

A student told us that he absolutely loves the book. That they have been longing for this kind of material at his school. "...The humour makes it fun and exciting to read". It was hard for him to tell us which part he liked the most, since it is all great, he says. But if he absolutely has to choose he likes the parts about virginity the most.


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