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Diego's first month

1st of September Diego joined our team for his 1 year internship as part of his Psychology studies. After a month with the foundation, this is what he would like to share:

I find education to be the most important tool to construct and reach equality and equity between people. I feel that I have found my place to work towards this here in Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop with the critical thinking and proactive approach that is used working with the social issues in the Colombian society.

We are living a historic moment that we are all having to adapt to, and the social issues are even more intensified because of the Covid pandemic. Every day I learn something new about sexuality, gender and ways to share and express knowledge. I feel lucky to have joined the team at Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop and that I get to learn from my three incredible coworkers who each, with their particular skill sets, teach me something new.

This first month I have been creating content for Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop's social media and blog all of which have some relation to sexuality and self care.

I'm proud to be part of an organization that prioritizes education of teens, young people who I share realities and stories with since I grew up attending schools and being part of a social context that is very similar. This is why I believe in change, growth and learning from being part of movements that focus on freedom, empowerment and humanity.

We are very happy that Diego decided to join our team and we are looking forward to getting started on the upcoming projects for the next couple of months.


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