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Nori in Mexico

Nori is home in Mexico for Christmas to visit her family, and has some exciting news to share:

I am visiting Mexico to spend Christmas with my family in Querétaro where I have been living for many years. I contacted an organization that I used to work with while I studied at the university.

They work with a community called Bimbalete in the area Huimilpan, approximately 1 hour from the city. This is where I spent several months working, and I remember that while working there they would often talk about the need for sexual health education especially because in this area the girls tend to get pregnant early, around 14, and then they never finish their studies.

The first week of December, I had the opportunity of going back to Bimbalete and I worked in the primary school General Manuel Ávila Camacho with two groups of 6th graders. I was really surprised how participative they were, I thought that since they live in a rural area they would be more shy (that is common). It was the total opposite. They felt very safe and they asked all kinds of questions throughout the workshops and they told me about their lives and personal experiences.

It has been a beautiful experience, very enriching and I am looking forward to going back to work with other groups in the community. For now we are waiting for them to be back from vacation in January since I was asked to come back to work with their six groups of students in the high school. I am looking forward to that.


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