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Liv's first month as an intern

About a month ago, I started as an intern in Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop as a part of my master's studies at University of Copenhagen. It has been some exciting, educative and productive weeks for me as an intern, and although I have only been a part of the organization for a short period of time, I have already learned many new things. Salka and Nori have been very welcoming towards me and I already feel like a part of the organization.

Work, work, work…

The first two weeks, I spent most of my time studying different topics related to sexual health education and figuring out how to systemize and collect data about the work and progress of the organization. Last week, I joined Salka and Nori in Popayán where we decided the themes for the upcoming workshops and the last couple of days I have been working intensely on brainstorming on the topics.

I think we’ve picked some very important and relevant focus points for the upcoming workshops and I am very excited about being part of this project for the next couple of months!

Cultural shift

Although I have been living in Colombia since July, moving from Bogotá to Cali has been a big change since the two cities are very different. My first days in Cali felt like a big cultural shift for me. However, I enjoy living and working in this city and already feel very much at home.


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