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Lucely's first month and a half

A month and a half ago, I joined the team at Mi Cuerpo/Min Krop - a time which for me has been a process of personal and professional growth. From day one, I felt the warm welcome of the team. Each one of my co-workers have been enriching me with their respective professional knowledge while they have made me feel at home.

These last few days, I have been involved in the different activities that are carried out daily in the foundation, from making posts for social media, to observing and participating in workshops for young people and teachers. Also, I have read some books related to sex education which has allowed me to have a broader view on sexuality and has helped me to reaffirm my identity and my body awareness.

In time, I hope to train young people with workshops focused on sex education and adults as well. I plan to do this work not only in my current city Popayán, Colombia, but also in nearby municipalities that do not have - or have very limited - access to this type of training.

- Lucely


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