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New project starting 1st of November

We have some great news to share with you. We have been working on a new project and looking for funding the last couple of months. We can now reveal that we have received funding from Cisu to implement our teacher training program at our local partner schools in Colombia.

Teacher training

From the 1st of November we will start our teacher training program with our partner schools. Preparation of the program and the material.

The objectives for this intervention is, first of all, to inform teachers about topics such as anatomy, puberty, menstruation, birth control methods, STIs, the LGBTQ+ community, consent, gender stereotypes, social media, and more. And secondly, to inspire with exercises for the local teachers to bring sexual health education into their classrooms.

The project duration is of 1 year, and we will be working with teachers from 8 partner schools in Cali and Popayán, and there will be an independent space with open calls in Popayán as well.

These are our happy faces from when we received the good news:

We are excited and looking forward to getting started with this new project.


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