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Presentations in Denmark

Salka has been on a tour through Denmark to do presentations with Spanish classes at High Schools. She talks about our work in Colombia, and why we think it is so important, but also to give inspiration and an insider view of Colombia.

In a couple of weeks, she visited 7 high schools around the country, some for the second or third time, while others were first timers.

It was a great opportunity to bring some different light on Colombia, a country that is still mostly known for what it was in the 80s and 90s. The students asked some good questions, and generally they were very interested. Several mentioned afterwards that they were inspired by our work and were interested in traveling in Latin America.

A teacher at one of the high schools was from Colombia, but she has been living in Denmark since the beginning of the 90s. She was extremely appreciative of the work we are doing. That is something that means a lot and motivates us to continue!

Would you like a presentation at your high school?

We offer both in person and virtual presentations at Danish high schools. We mainly work with Spanish students, but are open to other subjets too. Contact us for more information.


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