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Sex education workshops in Mexico

On October 10, Norí started workshops at CECyTE (Colegio de Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos). She has been working with first year students from 12 groups with 35 to 45 students in each. Most of the students are teenage boys, as they are studying technical careers, but there are also teenage girls participating.

It has become obvious that the girls use the morning after pill a lot, and they are surprised when Norí informs them that one of their rights is free access to contraceptive methods. This new information has resulted in groups of girls deciding to go together to the clinic to consult their possibilities for birth control methods.

Many of the boys asked questions about pleasure and two groups could not finish the topics of the first workshop because they had too many questions, especially about masturbation, sex, and contraceptive methods.

Norí has shown them the books that we are going to donate, and the students show a lot of interest and enthusiasm in reading them as soon as they are available in the library.

The administrative staff has been very attentive to the workshops and are very happy that we are working on these topics.

In total 773 students have participated in the 18 workshops so far and the collaboration continues.


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