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Visit from Colombia and Mexico - Information work at Danish high schools

In August and September 2022, Shanon from Colombia and Nori from Mexico will visit Denmark to work with Spanish students at local high schools around the country.

We offer an initial lecture where the students and teachers receive information on Colombia and Mexico to understand the context and what is going on currently, and of course, knowledge on our work with sex education in both countries.

Afterwards the students will be split in smaller groups for a workshop where they will work hands-on with sex education and gender equality.

We are preparing the material to be used before, during and after the visit at the high schools.

We aim to bring Colombia and Mexico into the classroom and bring some up-to-date inspiration to Spanish class. Furthermore, inform on sex education topics that are relevant and needed in Danish high schools as well.

This project is made possible thanks to Cisu Oplysningspuljen:


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