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Let´s talk about it - S&RHR education to prevent sexual abuse in children (Mexico)

This intervention seeks to facilitate sexual and reproductive health rights (S&RHR) education, materials, and tools to prevent sexual abuse in children and teens in collaboration with local partner schools in the state of Querétaro, Mexico. This is especially important in a country ranked second sexual abuse in children according to OECD.

During the project period, we will:

  • Create materials to facilitate the conversation about S&RHR and sexual abuse prevention with students aged 12-14.

  • Increase awareness and knowledge regarding the importance of S&RHR and internal protocols as a key to prevention and timely detection of abuse with students and teachers

  • Capacity build within MCMK M regarding sexual abuse prevention.

  • New materials will be created, as well as a new game that will be handed out to schools.

It is expected for 1,525 students aged 12-14 and 43 teachers and admin staff to participate.

This project will start on January 1, 2024 and will run for a year. It is made possible with funds from:


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