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S&RHR education in Colombia and Mexico

Updated: 7 days ago

The intervention has two main objectives that are linked:

1. Facilitate sexual & reproductive health rights (S&RHR) education in Colombia and Mexico

2. Strengthen and capacity build within the partnership.

S&RHR education will be facilitated via workshops with students at local partner schools in both Colombia and Mexico. The workshop programs will be expanded, new material will be created and the network of local partner schools in both countries will also expand throughout this intervention.

To complement the work at the partner schools, a digital communication strategy has been created which includes social media, blog, youtube, downloadable guides and our podcast.

To strengthen and capacity build within the partnership, there will be continuous communication between the teams in Mexico, Colombia and Denmark, partnership trips to Colombia and Mexico to observe and learn from each other and the differences and similarities in the Colombian and Mexican contexts.

The project runs for 17,5 months, starting on April 17th, 2023.

This project is a Citizen Participation Intervention supported by


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