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Lucely returns to the rural school La Meseta

The first week of November, Lucely spent some days in La Meseta, a small rural area 2 hours from Popayán. She was invited back to do workshops with 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from. Topics such as changes in puberty, consent, emotional management and a basic workshop on responsible sexuality were on the program during the week - a total of 12 workshops.

It is important to remember that this school is located in an area of difficult access which means that reaching these places is very rewarding in several ways. On the one hand, it is a space where there is not much information about sex education and on the other hand, the little information they have is based on myths or experiences of other people, especially since there is little cell phone service and wifi in the area. Coming to these spaces and clarifying doubts is very gratifying, and the students show great interest and gratitude.

Lucely has established a great relationship with the school, and is looking forward to return again in the new year.


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