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Nori recognized for her work in Mexico

Between October and November, Norí was working in a school that is a little over an hour from the city in a school of technological studies.

Both the psychologist and the school principal were very happy with the work done, so much so that they invited Norí to give her a recognition for her contribution to the students and invited her to continue working together next year.

This year, Nori worked with 4 groups at the school, they were groups of up to 50 students. All of them seemed to be very interested in the topics. One group in specific opened up about their life projects and how the education they receive helps them to carry out their plans. In another group they were able to reflect on body and skin care, specifically in men, because the machista culture denies them to learn how to take care of their skin, for example.

In addition, as usual, Nori donated books to this school and to another campus in the municipality of Corregidora, where she was working between September and October.

The donation of books was made possible thanks to C&C Travel.


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