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S&RHR education program for a rural school in Colombia

Updated: 7 days ago

This project seeks to bring sexual and reproductive health rights education to a school located in a rural area outside of the small town of Rionegro, Colombia, which is an area that has high rates of teen pregnancies. The school that we will be working with doesn´t have a steady teacher staff, which means they struggle to create a sexual and reproductive health rights program given that teachers are quickly moved from school to school. Therefore, we will work with school staff to create a program that is cohesive and can easily be taught to new teachers.

Part of the process of creating this program will be done in person, at the school. In between in-person sessions, webinars will be held with teachers so that work on the program can progress throughout the intervention period. By the end a physical program will be created. This program can be handed to new teachers so that sexual education can continually integrated into the curriculum.

In order to help students catch up on important topics while the program is being created, we will also work with students from 4th to 11th grade, carrying out intensive workshop sessions with students during two visits. This way, they will have important information that will allow them to make informed decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health.

This project started February 1st, 2024 and runs for 1 year.

The project was made possible with funds from


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