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We're almost ready: material for Spanish students

We have been working very hard preparing our material to use with Spanish students in Denmark. The material is developed for 2nd and 3rd year Spanish students at high schools, and will include a variety of texts, audio, pictures and video. We have been doing students interviews in Popayán and Cali and we have talked to musicians, salsa dancers, informal workers and more.

Beautiful design

We are collaborating with the amazing Peperina Magenta, who is giving the material a colorful and interesting look that we hope the students will like. Here is a little sneak peek:

Collaboration with 4 schools in Denmark

We are working in collaboration with 4 high schools in Denmark who will work the material with their students in two rounds. We are lucky to have four very inspiring and active teachers to guide us and pitch in with a lot of ideas and feedback.

We are very excited to follow the process with the students at the four high schools for the first round that starts in April.

This project was made possible thanks to:


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