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Project progressing at INEM

After 2 months doing workshops at INEM, what is the status?

35 workshops and 1.035 students participating. Jep, it is a lot. Salka has been working a lot and now all 9th and 10th graders have participated in a workshop. Next up are 11th graders, and we hope to be done with all 11th graders before Christmas break. But here in Colombia many things can happen, and you can never plan, as they say “don’t plan because the plans always change anyways”.

Frequent questions

We modify our workshop continuously to make it as precise as possible for the questions and doubts that are common with the students. Here are some of the more frequent questions they ask:

Does a woman’s body change after her first time?

The vast majority of the students are convinced that a woman’s body changes drastically after her first sexual intercourse. Her hips widen, breast will grow and her waist will become more marked. Furthermore, some times the gap between her thighs will also be more notable. Depending on the "man’s hand" it is more or less notable, with other words, it depends on if he is a good lover or not. Some students have a hard time believing that it is not true, they have been told this forever. Debunking of this and other urban myths is very important to our approach.

Is anal sex bad?

Many students are very interested in anal sex. Sex in general is a huge taboo, and anal sex is even more, especially if it is between two men. Therefore, many of the students ask if it is “bad”. We spend some time talking about what is important to remember if you want to practice anal sex. It is also important to emphasize that anal sex is not “bad”, some people like it, others don’t.

Does precum get a woman pregnant?

It seem that many youngsters in Colombia practise rejected sexual intercourse, at least it is something many of them ask about. We spend some time talking about why it is not the most secure method. Talking about all the different methods seems to make many of them realize that other methods than rejected intercourse are actually better alternatives than what they initially thought. Several times students say “Oh, they are actually quite safe”.


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