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Workshops at a new rural area school

Carmen de Quintana is a public school, located in Cajibío, a rural area approx. 1 hour from Popayán. We recently started the partnership with this school, and since this is the only school in the municipality the groups of students are big.

A total of 18 workshops were held in the last weeks with students from 6th to 11th grade.

From this first meeting, it was concluded that it is necessary to continue talking to students about consent, pleasure, sexual health and other topics in which they need more information and guidance. Likewise, the teaching and administrative staff received our interventions in the institution positively, so after the vacations we will return to continue bringing comprehensive sexual education to this community.

The first 15 workshops were led by Lucely who is our coordinator in Popayán; however, the last 3 workshops were conducted with Brayan, who is a new member of the team in Popayán and is therefore in a learning stage. He will be learning about our methodology, the topics and follow Lucely, to make sure he is fully prepared, before he starts facilitating workshops by himself.

We are looking forward to returning to our partner school Carmen de Quintana in a months time after the summer break.

- Lucely Perafán


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