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Workshops on consent in Mexico

This week, the Mexican team in Querétaro kicked off workshops in public schools 2023, at a school, where Nori started a collaboration last year.

We started this week with the workshop on consent, it is a topic that interests the students a lot and they express that it is very important in their life and for the development of their personality. In all the groups, the participation was very active and they shared their points of view about the importance of consent in their daily life.

Last semester, we started working with these groups on two workshops of our Responsible Sexuality program, this semester we will complete the program with two more workshops for each group.

As part of Miroslava's training, she is observing and partaking in the workshops to completely understand our methodology. She has experience on facilitating workshops from her previous work with a collective, and she has many great ideas on dynamics and exercises that can bring more value to the workshops going forward.

A total of 12 groups will be taking these workshops at this partner school this semester.


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