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Looking into 2021

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Teacher training program

We have been working on the material for the teacher training program since November 2020, and we are moving into the final part of the preparations in order to start the actual program in March with our partner schools in Popayán and Cali. Because of the covid-19 pandemic, we will most likely have to carry out the program virtually, but we are crossing our fingers for the possibility of doing parts of the program in person.

Workshops with students

Our work with students at our partner schools this year is not clear yet. First of all, because the schools are still closed for the holidays. Second of all, the covid situation has not allowed students to go back to in-person teaching yet, they have studied from home since March last year. We will look into the possibilities as soon as the schools’ administration is back from holidays and the situation is clearer.

In the meantime, we are working on our social media presence with new content every week and a monthly themed week, as well as continuing with our blog and working on new fanzines.

Didactic material

With support from Cisu, and in collaboration with 4 Danish high schools, we are working on didactic material for Spanish students about topics related to Colombia and our work.

Presentations in DK

As an important part of our information work in Denmark, we have presentations about Colombia and our work at Danish high schools. This serves as inspiration for Spanish students, and is an opportunity for them to understand the current situation in the country.

New homepage

With help from the graphic designer and artist Peperina Magenta, we are designing our new homepage with updated information and a new look.

Stay tuned!


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